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Brian Joseph Johns

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Abuse Cycle, Terrorism And Social Abuse: How It All Relates

Contrast And Extremity

Contrast is often what defines our concepts of good and bad, right and wrong and just how extreme those concepts are. The more contrasting in nature of opposites, the more extreme the juxtaposition of those ideas is. So in order to see something as being very good, we might need to see something in contrast that is very bad. A bright light in other words makes a dark shadow just as a dark shadow is needed to see how bright a light is. This is the overall concept of this post and it relates to the topic, though not in ways that you might expect at first.

Terrorism is the malevolent planning to harm other people and to create fear most often in order to further an ideology.

Terrorism even operates though in the same way, because it hopes to incur a reaction in the victim that makes the victim of terrorism look like the monster rather than the people who conduct the terrorism. That reaction will further the goals of those conducting the terror by making the reaction of the victim appear to be monster-like.

Another aspect relating this to terrorism is that when someone conducts such an act, they are hoping that the retaliation is so bad against them or their people, that it actually creates a social debt against the people who reacted against it. Later the people that reacted against the terrorist act might feel guilty for reacting so harshly. It is this that terrorists hope to benefit by and that is the very thing that is meant by luring someone to give their life up in the name of such an act and telling them it will benefit their people. Its because they are trying to harvest from their victims by turning their reaction against the terrorism into a debt.

The people who reacted in a hostile manner will eventually feel guilty about it and make it up to those they reacted against. That means that they are rewarding those people for their terrorist act. This is why martyrdom is so powerful a symbol in recruiting. Because its' the reaction against terrorist acts that result in the social debt and social guilt, which then acts to reward the the terrorism in the first place.

How It Relates To The Spousal Abuse Cycle

The abuse cycle works the same way where it happens in regard to someone abusing their spouse. They might abuse their spouse for a long time hoping for a reaction from them. When the spouse reacts, they might really respond harshly and the abusive spouse wants that. The abused spouse might go away and later after they calm down they might feel guilty for their reaction against their abusive spouse and then try to make it up to them. If they do, they are rewarding the abusive spouse for their abuse. This is what keeps the abuse cycle going in such relationships.

So in other words the abused is rewarding the abuser when they feel guilt for their reaction to such an abuser and then offer to make it up to them. This is the draw of terrorism. In other words the reaction that terrorism spawns can create a social debt against the society who reacts harshly in response to it and the kind of people who plan and conduct terrorism know that. A generation or two down the road and its a debt that might be paid by our children or theirs. That means they're rewarding it and that's what the allegory of martyrdom as interpreted by extremism is trying to sell to those who'll buy it and conduct such acts. Often giving up their lives in the process. If you attack someone and they respond in anger and loathing, they become the monster and the Casus Belli is in the favor of the attackers. That is sooner or later the public might deem that reaction as a debt in favor of the attackers. That's basically rewarding the attacker for their violence just as giving an abuser a pleasurable favor out of guilt for overreacting to their abuse is rewarding the abuser.

Social Abuse

Social abuse operates in a similar way. A group of people gang up on one person and every person provides a little bit of the abuse collectively over time. They're hoping that person will eventually overflow and react and when they do, they call it a social debt owed by their victim to those that abused them. So social abusers gang up as a group on one person and do essentially the same thing. They each provide a little piece necessary to get a reaction from their victim and call it a debt literally and try to collect on it by stealing the words or deeds of the victim that they do this to. Social abuse has become a very common game in some communities across North America (and possibly other places). It is quite common here in Toronto, Canada.

Each person applies a little bit of the abuse to one person that accumulates over time and builds up in the victim. They might even collaborate to take away aspects of the victim's life such as a relationship and career. That further results in pressure to get the victim to burst. When they do, they might appear to be more monster-like than the social abusers themselves because social abuse is seldom detectable.

The truth is though that the people who do that are the real monsters. If such people would push a person to hate, then perhaps it is them who are the real haters?

Now Bring In Contrast

The contrast to making someone appear good is often to make someone else appear bad. The more this contrast, the more the effect. So to make someone else look really good, such a group might just need to abuse someone collectively until they react in a bad way, which contrasts the person they're trying to make appear good. Of course the reaction that might be gotten from the abuse victim might even be charged as a debt against them too. In this way, the people who would do such a thing have a lot in common with terrorists. They're benefiting from the negative reaction they incur in a victim, then hoping to call it a debt or that their victim feels guilty for their reaction and rewards the abusers.

So there's a strong link between terrorism, spousal abuse, and social abuse in that way.

Social Abuse And Modern Technology

In this day and age with modern technology (which I love by the way), the social abusers have learned to use it to collect social debts by illegal eavesdropping and the theft of their victim's deeds by spying on their computers so they know when there's something to take from the victim to pay for the social debts the social abusers themselves incurred. So in other words, they can spy on your computer (illegally), then figure out who you are and if what you do on your computer is good, they only need to socially abuse at home or in your community in order to create a reaction so they can call it a debt. Worse, they could simply claim that someone else created whatever you were working on. The same people use it to steal directly from their victims as well.

First of all, its not the Government that's spying on its citizens for this purpose. It is some citizens, interest groups, ideologies and even criminal gangs who are spying on other citizens in communities all over. The truth is that those who are doing the spying, blame it on the Government in both the United States and Canada. Those doing are usually not interested in voting or filing taxes.

Some Government employees might benefit from the illegal spying while others possibly even for the purposes of keeping an eye on risks of terrorism, but it is not generally conducted by the Government or the Policing services as much as it is conducted by other interest groups, criminal gangs and probably many of them simultaneously. Even the intelligence services of others countries who share their intel with their interest groups locally and vice versa. In this sense in some areas it is a volatile situation that goes to great lengths to keep this activity secret within the communities where it operates.

I am not anti Government at all and vote and file my taxes every time I'm required to do so to support our Parliamentary democracy. I hope that everyone at least makes the effort to vote.

If you don`t think that it's possible or believe that its not happening, then read this. I don't believe that the Government is out to get us at all. Nor are law enforcement or intelligence services. I believe that anti-Government groups have gotten a lot more organized and use other people's identities to conduct their activities and operate in communities to swap their activities with a solitary victim that they isolate. Usually an innocent person whom has nothing to do with it whose efforts such a group steals and then dumps their activities onto the their victim.

I've also posted numerous articles on these facts as well. The problem doesn't appear to be the spying itself but the fact that there are civilians who end up with access to such spying output themselves illegally and use it for their own personal agenda or in order to further their ideology or criminal activities preying upon people who use the technology for some good ends.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Losing Your Bearings A Lot?: The World Of Polarity Reversal

A compass is perhaps one of the most important discoveries of exploration next to the calendar. With the calendar we can easily discern the direction of our travel by the direction of Sol, our Sun's travel above us from the east to the west on a daily basis. From that minor piece of information we can discern or direction of travel with the naked eye, even resorting to a stick pushed into the ground and using the direction of its shadow for bearings.

When the day is cloudy and overcast, it is sometimes impossible to tell which direction the Sun is travelling and therefore impossible to discern our direction. We might not have some obvious indicators such as Sun bleached grass near a tree (which would indicate the east - west axis by the fact the shadow from the tree would result in a band of grass much darker than the Sun bleached variety). When those means fail, we are out of luck so to speak. Enter the compass, our wonder tool for navigation. With it we can quickly and easily determine our directions, and travel quickly from point to point and make it to and from our destination and departure point in record time (if we've enough fuel). This miracle device operates by the wonder of the Earth's magnetic poles. Our North Pole specifically, which houses a powerful magnet that quickly determines the direction of magnetic North on our compass. All's well as long as the polar magnets remain in the correct polarity. What would happen if the poles suddenly reversed. Then reversed again. Then once again after that? What if they continued doing the same thing over and over again?

Our advancement and navigation through progress and working together in society is dependent upon communication. Words form the basis of communication and like the Earth itself, words have a polarity too, Words can be spun like a coin and dropped on the table to reveal their definition or the opposite definition if it so turns out. This concept is the polarity of words. With the polarity of words, we can quickly reverse the definition of something we've said to mean the opposite, or we can obscure a truth by explaining the opposite fact so that others listening in to our conversation are diverted in the completely the opposite direction. Great if you are let in on this tantamount wonder of secret by the rest of your fellow human beings. What if you weren't? What if the entirety of human kind somehow decided: we're not going to tell everyone, just the ones that we want to know.

Well then, you'd probably stumble around for a while thinking that everything was just fine and dandy and before you knew it, you'd be finding life very difficult and not understanding why it had become as such. You'd say: Wow, I really love my job! and others at your work place would probably start avoiding you. You might kiss your girlfriend and say: Honey, you're awesome. How about we go out and I take you for a nice dinner? She might pack her things and leave you promptly. There are many possibilities and that is for certain and it probably would not go too well for you if you were one of the last to find out.

Now imagine that the polarity of the Earth just kept on jumping back and forth between North/South alignment. What would you do? If you were an explorer you'd immediately have to rely on another means of navigation other than the polarity of the Earth core magnetic. Much like that with words, you'd have to rely on another means of communication that did not depend upon the definitions of words. A difficult prospect at best.

You'd quickly have to hammer out a means of definition that would suit you and how you intended what you said. That definition would likely be founded by the representation of the colours that you were wearing and whose ever club those colours represented. You would suddenly find yourself have to pledge allegiances with things that you might not have had to at some point in the past, because you'd have to have an agreed polarity for the meanings of words. Affiliations with clubs and the colours of those clubs offer that. Unfortunately.

I say unfortunately because in this day and age, there might be people who want what you say to mean the opposite, and others that want it to be aligned with the original defined meaning. If you are someone that is watched by a lot of people, that might turn into a battle or competition between those groups and that would be essentially the cause of the poles jumping from North to South and then to North again etc...

So now you're caught in this eternal struggle between people whom seem to get away with a lot despite laws and civilization. What do you do?

Stick to the truth by the definitions that you always knew. If you step into their minefield, you'll never find your way out. It will be one direction one day and then the next the other. The day after that it might be the same as the day before then change halfway through the day. For the words to be lined up in definition with what you want them to, it takes people agreeing upon this fact. The problems resulting from this definition have to do with my prior post and the definitions of colours and the transference of good and burden according to the definitions of those colours.

If you say that you love someone, you want it to mean that to them but maybe, just maybe its better to keep it in the center and as your secret. If you've already revealed that to someone then you'd better keep it where it is because the forces at work nowadays will play you all over the place in that regard.

Many of the clubs that do reverse polarity, use the colour blue to represent that the polarity has been reversed, so use that first as a bearing.

Remember that the people who do, most often want to reverse whatever it is that you said or did to mean the opposite. So if you stood against something that they want protected, and your opinion is trusted by many, they're going to try to reverse the polarity of words in order to protect it.

Many groups and gangs do this as I've said and use it to run an area in terms of the underground economy. Groups use it in gaining control of the definitions of colours by one group more prominently than another in order to snare the communications and rule of an areas underground economy. So with this being a big game in some areas and others outside of those areas not understanding that these are the forces at work, it makes communications difficult. Stick with the truth that is well defined and that is a part of the history of words in the dictionary.

That's my advice and I depend upon it. The kind of people who play this polarity reversal game are not the kind of people that you want running things, because those definitions will flow in whatever direction benefits them, not what is good for and beneficial to society and people and more importantly, the truth.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

A Tale Of Two Identities

It was the best of crimes. It was the worst of crimes. He was a wealthy successful business owner. He was a poor and destitute homeless person.

If Charles Dickens had been speaking of identities when he penned A Tale Of Two Cities, that's how he might have begun his literary masterpiece of love and hate. It would make sense for anyone to have two identities or even more because you could simply pick the best one to suit your needs at any given time to deal with any situation.

Identity is more than just what is written on your identification. It is your very being to the core and the finger prints you leave behind in the world and how you affect it. So every driveway you shovel in the winter, every rant you might have about life, every donation you make to a charity, every time you hold the door for someone, every time you go to bat for someone else, every blog article you write, that's you. Therefore your identity is the impression that leaves upon others and if that impression is favourable or good, it can have value to those that have never met you or seen you but have heard say of you. Notoriety.

That's mostly the good things about you that create that impression upon others whether they know you personally or not. The private ones, and the ones that might vilify you to others such as every time you've raised your voice, every time you've said something that you did not mean to say, every time you've reacted, every time you've made a poor decision, every time you've done something that you'd rather not have it end up in the public awareness. Those are as much a part of you being you even if you were tricked or it was a mistake but they are the things that are personal to you as much as what colour underwear you are wearing. They are personal and private and not pertinent to all situations in public life. Those too make up parts of your identity though people would likely not understand context or situation that brought those things about all the time.

What if you had more good than you did bad? Then it would be easy for anyone else to make the claim that they were you. Your identity would be an easy grab for anyone because the weight of being you would be light if there was only benefit to it. So some people who though they were being good might have in order to protect you, come up with some stuff that made the act of being you a little bit more heavy, so that others who tried to take that identity would be in for a ride. The only thing is that those people never bothered you about those things.

Then later on in life, another group of people who thought to themselves if that person is who they really say they are, then wouldn't they have to be as much a part of their bad as they were their good? So in thinking that they decided to make it into a game of finding out all those secrets that others use to protect people who've got a lot of good to take if someone stole their identity. Once they have those secrets, they only need to subject the real person to tormenting about those things. If they drop those things or deny them, then they must not be the real people that own that identity then, are they?

So enter a bunch of people who figured out that if you tricked or set up a bunch of people into situations that they'd normally not take part in by playing their naivety, you could create the means to steal their identity. Especially if you had accounts of that activity from others.

So that's precisely what a group of people did, though they ultimately found out that they did not need to set any situations up. They only needed to find out about the victim's past, and find people who had similar things in common and they could trade the people's identities, because if one would react to the same stimuli that made the other react, then they must be the same person. That's how a group of people derived the logic in their effort to steal others' identities.

Before most knew it, this game had become global. It created a way to take another person's identity and trade the bad identity from one person onto another person. All if you cannot maintain the things that make you who you are.

Identity theft is so much more than stealing a wallet in this day and age. It is about stealing a person's being and reputation even without taking their identification. The persona and image you create online has value to others. Being able to distinguish between you in person and an online identity may be the biggest scam of the decades to come because is you are accomplished or are in the process of accomplishing, others who may not want to make the effort but reap the rewards might just conspire to take it from you.

The people who do these things and attempt to take from others via these means, often make it a game of implying that a deed belongs to whomever can keep it secret. So the cult make it game of trying to steal what you say and do from you by breaking it as a secret. So for the groups that do this, that means keeping you under constant watch so they can know when you accumulate secrets and accomplishments. Once they can keep a hand on the pulse of your accomplishments and activities, they know all your current secrets. They can then break you of them and and steal them for others claim. These groups that do this believe that the truth should go with whomever can protect it, not the person whom originated the word or deed.

Some groups might even found a moral logic to justify this action, claiming you to not be deserving of success by their definition of right and wrong and therefore ideology comes into play.

This is mostly just a heads up to those of you out there who have a web presence that forms up part of your online identity and could possibly form up part of your in person resume.

There are people out there who might try to as they do in your real life, create the impression of a lot of bad in association with your online identity so that there is no benefit to you in using it as a resume piece in your real life for it might be accompanied by a wealth of bad material about you to counterbalance the good of you online.

We all have things that we would not put on our resume and that does not make you bad. It makes you wise. There are however people who do not feel the same way, and feel it fair to fill in the blanks with an equal amount of your bad, contrived or not.

Be careful with your real identity and don't let anyone take it from you.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fame, Manipulation, Control And Blackmail

When someone is on their way up the success ladder and climbing it from the bottom, there are many others who help them along the way and many who might see their potential and many who might try to stop them. If someone is on their way up and has the potential to be in a position of public notoriety, that is a form of power and to some a form of power that can be manipulated. For some of those people, it can even mean an early retirement.

When someone is climbing that ladder, be it working as a waitress while going to audition after audition for a role on a film or on stage. Maybe volunteering and getting their name out there with the goal of running for office. Maybe they're at home writing a catchy song to add to their collection of catchy songs hoping that one day they'll find that one that gets them the finances to do it for a living. Regardless there are people who are potentially making such a bold and courageous attempt. There are also predators out there who seek to benefit when they sense that someone is on their way up.

What if that waitress auditioned for a role, and ended up meeting someone who courted them on a relationship. Then years down the road after the same waitress has now become a major motion picture star, that same lover releases a video tape of their sexual exploits, or contacts her threatening to do so unless she uses her influence to land that guy a gig as a crew member at the studio she works. Maybe a lot of people find out about the film, and they collectively use it to manipulate her when she's at the most vulnerable point of her life balancing her public life against her private one.

What if that volunteer goes out for a few drinks after a volunteering gig and admits a personal secret to someone, who takes that secret for years and then when that same volunteer is running for the office of the leadership of the country, that person cashes in on that secret. Demanding money to keep it quiet after all of the party and all of those people invested their time and money in that candidate for all of those years.

That songwriter writes a hit song and while on their first tour someone gets some photos of them afterwards engaging in activity that is set to publicly undermine them though the songwriter knows that the photos are not them, but nobody else does.

These are small examples of what some people and some groups do to get their hooks into someone early and then to cash in later. Either by using those situations as a form of manipulation to use the influence of that person to benefit the manipulators, or as a retirement plan for those who want to cash in when that person has "made it" or even as a means of insurance to prevent someone from taking a stance against someone who is in possession this knowledge.

So that method of control involves applying a vice of some form that is usually related to disreputable behaviour or some other controversial means of arm twisting that plays upon the fear of the situation becoming public knowledge. Allowing the victim to climb high enough for the knowledge of such a set up be valuable both in terms of power and possibly finances and publicity. So all of the others who are in possession of the knowledge of such a set up or situation could be said to have a part of the control, as they could use double speak to let the victim know that they know of the victim's association with that situation. All of those people could then use that as a means of manipulation of that person.

When that person is at their peak popularity, that situation or vice can prove to be a life changer in that person's career and the finances of others when that situation is used for personal gain such as through blackmail or the sale of such material. Sometimes some of the people that are on your side may even be lured to the other side much later when they see the potential value and the possibility of their own success and financial gain from such knowledge.

Many careers have probably been ruined by such efforts as the people doing so often steer their victim on a crash course, and often the groups doing so might even make one too many such attempt with the victim crashing long before they even get off the ground.

I would say that recent history has demonstrated this well. If you are trying to achieve success and are unsure about your path, make sure you keep your wits about you. There are those that might try to get their hooks to you in such a way that you'll later regret or that could take you off the tracks entirely. Be mindful of whom you give your trust to and make them earn it. If you are starting out from the bottom, don't sacrifice your integrity to get ahead to alleviate low finances and be careful of those who might trick you into doing as such for their benefit.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Biomagnetism, Cortisol, Reaction: The Hate Means Love Game

For thousands of years the cultures of the Far East and some other parts of the world have been using their own bodily energy as a means of healing the human body via Qigong, Reiki and Kundalini Yoga. For a long time the methods have been used safely and to positive effect and remarkable results. I still highly recommend this as a form of healing but referring to a qualified professional is the first step.

In a prior series of posts on biomagnetism I revealed a method by which a person or group of people could theoretically connect to your nervous system via their own biomagnetic field and affect the release of cortisol into your system (to match the levels of their own). There are groups that practice such efforts now and this is more of a heads up than anything and this information could save you much grief should you fall victim to it and it is important to note that this is an attack by such people upon the ideas of the cultures of the Far East.

The presence of cortisol in a person`s body is a key component to anxiety, anger or reaction. It can be produced by the body for a number of reasons and stimulated into production a number of different ways. It is produced by the body during struggle or situations of life or death consequence in order to provide extra motivation and aggression to overcome a threatening obstacle. 

When cortisol is produced in the body of a person that is relatively stable of mood and that person is subjected to stress, there is a high likelihood of that person having a strong reaction to the stress and maybe even an unreasonable reaction. In some people such a symptom of this activity might be the onset of an anxiety attack or sudden harsh reaction and change of mood.

It is important to understand that in such situations that such a victim might be tweaked to such a reaction via someone else's nervous system connecting up with your own via their biomagnetic field as explained in the prior series of posts below but I'll recap here.

Our nervous system communicates with our sensory nerves and our brain via electrochemical messages through out our nervous system. Electricity that passes through a body also produces a magnetic field which is called biomagnetism. This field contains all of the information flying around in our nervous system in real time. When a magnetic field passes through another conductor, it produces a current. Some people can direct their biomagnetic field to someone else's body. When that field hits the body of another person, it creates a resonant current in the body of the recipient and that current contains the same information that was contained in the nervous system of the transmitting person. The recipient's nervous system treats this current as if it was messaging that originated from their own body and therefore if there is the information contained to activate the endocrine system to produce hormones of some kind via the adrenal and endocrine glands, the recipients body might produce them.

Recently there have been people who have perfected such means for an abusive effect upon their victims and anyone whose suffered the onset of a sudden anxiety attack perhaps precluded by verbal torment of some kind from others would know what I am talking about. It might start out with a feeling or tension or stress and then it is accompanied by the verbal torment of those who are trying to measure you for the effects of their cortisol stimulation upon your body. Your reaction is their sure fire indicator that they've successfully affected you and usually signals the point at which they will keep you as such a target of the same activity.

The goal is to get a reaction that forces you to redefine the poles of love and hate (our two most extreme expressions of emotion) in reverse, so that any reaction you had is defined as the opposite. Seeing as most of the time your reactions might be against their activity in provoking you to such a reaction reversing the definitions of love and hate would benefit anyone who disagreed with a prior statement you'd made during the course of the day or something that you made a stand against (for it would be at risk of being reversed).

Another motive for doing as such is that the people that you care about and whom care about you will often be burdened with your reaction. They will probably be tormented by the members of the same ideology that provoked your reaction from you so your reaction is a burden to them making it an ideal means of breaking up connections between people. Especially those who such an ideology disagrees with or those that they'd like to see broken as enough and some of those people might give up on you, as surely as if you were laden with an onslaught of such burden you might be tempted to give up on them if it cost you enough.

That is the goal of such an ideology and by forcing you to redefine your definition of words in order to accommodate the reaction that you have against the harassers is the wrong step, because that only makes it into a competitive game for other similar ideologies or groups to engage in. If your reaction against them means love, then if such groups made it into a competitive game of seeing who could get the worst reaction from you, you'd likely be subject to it for long periods of time. The people that you reacted worst against would gain your greatest bias, and such people would be privy to what you'd only share with those that you love in terms of real love. That is precisely what they're after. Another aspect is that if you are negative or angry in reaction, then your prior good actions and deeds might go to someone else`s credit and often such groups target people for things if they bare merit.

Some people of some ideologies even make it into a competitive game in order to siphon your good from yourself to their members while burdening you with their bad deeds along the way. That`s how the ideology actually cleans themselves up from their own deeds. Be careful if you are a victim of it but I urge you to stand your ground, even if you have a harsh reaction. If you don`t you might be subject to it for hour upon hour within a day and such an ideology are only after stealing the credit for what you do. So if you are targeted you might take that as a compliment just don`t let them take the good that you reserve to share with others by your own means of doing so, not theirs.

First I must say that I have never seen anyone of the cultures that I have mentioned at the top as healers use this abusive form of affecting a person nor making it into such a game and they are most of the time the people that you`d likely turn to with ideas of how to rebalance your body as it can take its toll upon you.

Stay Well And Be Safe
Brian Joseph Johns

Friday, May 9, 2014

WiFi Of The Body: Our Biomagnetic Field

Our Nervous System And Signalling

Our nervous systems operate by signalling our brain of activity in our sensory receptors be they sight, sound, touch, taste or smell. This signalling occurs by electrical impulses which travel the length of our nervous system from the source of the sensation to our brain, where we perceive it and it becomes a sensation to us that occurred in a location in our body. The actual sensation occurred not in the area the event took place, but in our brain and mind. It started as an event, us touching an object, the nerves in our fingers create a chemical based electrical charge initiated by pressure and temperature. That signal has a particular signature that that travels all the way through the nerves of our arms, to our spinal column and the spinal cord and up into our brain where it is deciphered and translated into a sensation. All of that happens as a result of our biochemistry (temperature and pressure create the electrical current resulting from our touching the object), bioelectric current (a minute electrical charge which travels the length of our nervous system) and our brain which deciphers the electrical impulse and tells us that we fell something.

Our Nervous System And Substances That Affect Us

The same thing applies to substances that we consume. For instance some substances that we eat can make us feel good. It is a feeling that is much like the sensation of touch, though it effects our overall mood rather than acting as a feedback to interaction. Some sweets for example can have that affect upon people as consuming them causes the body to produce endorphins and sometime even dopamine, both of which are feel good hormones naturally produced by the body. The same process is going on except this time the signal occurs as a result of our taste buds and perhaps digestion to a small degree. Our taste buds produce and electrical current biochemically upon sampling whatever had happened to come into contact with them. The current travels through the nerve fibres to our spinal column and spinal cord and up into our brain. There is is interpreted by our brain (usually our hypothalamus) which signals our endocrine system to produce a hormone such as an endorphin or dopamine which gives us the sensation of feeling good.

Bioelectricity Is To Network Cables What Biomagnetism Is To WiFi

Any electrical current that travels through a conductive medium produces a magnetic field around the area electrical current travels, following it. A magnetic field if it were visible would resemble a three dimensional haze emanating from the area around the current. It would fluctuate in time to as a result of its interaction with the charged particles in the air and the level of current that produced it. The fluctuations in the level of current are likely how the body encodes information for the nervous system and the brain to decipher and to propagate the resulting input into sensory output or perception and cognition of some form. This information would be encoded into the level of current created and how it fluctuated over time in response to the sensory input such as that of touch or taste. This information would then also be encoded into the magnetic field that was produced as a result of that current as stated by Maxwell's Laws of Electromagnetism. Considering that the nervous system and spinal cord are alight with such electrical activity nearly constantly as such information passes between our senses and our brains, that must also mean that our bodies are surrounded by a constantly fluctuating magnetic field that contains all of the encoded information being communicated along our spinal column. 

When a magnetic field travelling through the air passes through another conductor, it creates a resonant electrical current in the conductor mirrored by that of the magnetic field. Our bodies being conductors are just perfect for such a thing. What would stop this biomagnetic field from stimulating someone else's nervous system? In such a case that would make it like a WiFi signal that could connect to other bodies. If the signalling was interpreted similarly in the brains of the two people whose biomagnetic fields interfered in such a way, then those two people would likely feel the same sensations as the other that were compatible to the ability of the hypothalamus and other parts of the brain to interpret the signals and produce hormones via the endocrine system. That would mean that a person who was attempting such a thing could conceivably make another person feel the same way that they were feeling. That is if they ate a sweet that stimulated good feelings in their body, they could make someone else's body feel the sensations associated with eating that sweet. Likewise if the person had a high degree of anxiety or anger, they could make someone else feel that way biochemically as the endocrine system produces cortisol and adrenaline in such cases. Conceivably someone could affect someone else's body state from a distance via these methods as everything that I've mentioned here is valid scientifically and some of it is in the early stages of research.

The truth is that there are many people who practice this sort of thing as a form of healing art such as Qigong, Reiki and Yoga. While there are some that practice it invasively as a means to manipulate others emotionally as I've discussed on this blog in other sections. If our actions can be influenced at least in part by our emotions and our emotions can be influenced by the level of hormones in our body, then this would definitely be a way to affect someone emotionally. The truth is that there are many people that conduct this sort of activity without the consent of others and with complete disregard for their well being. Some even use it as a form of punishment and conditioning to further their ideology. So how do we protect ourselves and deal with this in the future and what moral implications does this hold for us?

A Simple Breakdown Of How It Works:

Maxwell's Law Of Electromagnetism states that an electrical current passing through a conductor creates a magnetic field and vice versa, a magnetic field passing through a conductor creates an electrical current in that conductor.

The nervous system utilizes electricity (electrochemical signals) as a means of sending signals from one part of the body to the part of the brain that decodes the meaning of the signal and back to another part of the body to create a response or reaction.

Most of these signals involve information received from our senses in response to perception or interaction with the world around us.

The human body produces a magnetic field of its own called a biomagnetic field.

This biomagnetic field contains all of the information encoded in real-time pertaining to the communications taking place between our senses, nerves, nervous system and our brain.

Because this biomagnetic field contains information that might be compatible from body to body and as it can be decoded by the original body that produced it, if this field passes over into the body of another person it might by way of the body being an electric conductor turn to an electric current that might be interpreted by the nervous system and brain of the body that it connects with.

Because much of the functioning of the nervous system is geared around producing hormones from the adrenal and endocrine glands, when another person's body is affect by the magnetic field from someone else's body, there is a chance the receiving person's body might respond to the signalling of the nervous system of the person from it originated. If there are instruction to produce hormones from the adrenal or endocrine glands, then the other person's body might also produce those hormones as well.

So if the transmitting person feels healthy or happy, then the receiving person might feel the same by the resulting production of dopamine and serotonin from the transmitting body.

If the transmitting person feels angry or in the midst of anxiety, then the receiving person might feel anger or anxiety by the resulting production of cortisol and adrenaline from the transmitting body.

The same would be the case from a person who was using a narcotic of some form or under the effects of some hormone enhancing/reducing drug.

In a future post I will discuss this in detail and hopefully arrive at some conclusive awareness for us all.

For the time being, suffice it to say that I believe that people who conduct the activity against the free will of another human being are conducting a great injustice upon them and I am sure that many people would agree.

Stay Well And Be Safe

Brian Joseph Johns


Signals and signs in the nervous system: The dynamic anatomy of electrical activity is probably information-rich by Theodore Holmes Bullock

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Bioelectricmagnetism by Jaakko Malmivuo and Robert Plonsey
A book full of information on the phenomenon. Chapter 21 is highly recommended as it pertains directly to stimulation of the nervous system by an outside means, in essence the simulating of the signalling involved in nerve responses. These responses directly affect the output of the adrenal and endocrine glands which play a big role in anxiety and a number of other mood effectors.

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Biomagnetism: WiFi Of The Body Part 2

In the last post I discussed the possibility that there are people that imperil others emotionally by the use of their biomagnetic field, which acts as a sort of WiFi of the body allowing them to connect to the nervous systems of another person. In such a case someone could conceivably affect the production of hormones to mimic the hormones present in the body of the person trying to affect such a thing in their subject. This of course would result from the influence of the person's biomagnetic field interfering with the electrical signalling of the subject's nervous system via Maxwell's Laws of Electromagnetism which of course states that a magnetic field passing through a conductive medium proportionally produces an electric current and an electric current passing through a conductive medium produces a magnetic field. Even in our bodies seeing as our bodies are conductors being composed of mostly water, one of nature's best conductors of electricity.

Of course as I have always stated that there are people that have used this fact for good (the cultures of the Far East and other parts of Asia have devised an entire system of medicine based upon this fact, using it for healing by means such as Yoga, Qi gong and Reiki) and there are people that use it for bad. I'm going to discuss a little bit about how it is and might be used for bad. Remember this is entirely reliant upon the state of the person's body who attempts such a thing, as the subject or recipient of such an effect will have their endocrine system produce hormones mimicking those in the body of the person attempting such a thing.

Build It And They Will Come

It is a practice in some societies to build up a person enigmatically via the support for them by others. This practice has long produced some of the great leaders, community leaders, celebrities, politicians and statesmen and even myths. This process involves slowly building support for such a construct by crossing the lines of the status quo very carefully with regard to such a person's stance in regard to social issues in order to garner the most support. More support often means more power. The problem for such a person is that when such a great responsibility falls upon the laps of such people and they comprehend that responsibility, they naturally seem to form an ethic that often contradicts that of some of the very people who support them. For those that have invested such an effort in building such a person, either locally in a community or globally as an icon, having control or sway over their bias is and has been an important issue for those who would build such a person so as to isolate or protect those whose interests confict the interests of those they are building. This is likely a natural side effect of such a person recognizing their responsibility to others as their responsibility grows. Some probably have an easier time separating the difference between the ethics of complicity and the price of standing against part of those who took part in such a construction.

For such a group attempting such a thing, the issue of management of this fact once they've built a person past a certain point is tantamount to them having sway of the things that are supported under their roof. For instance, someone built in a community with many activities, both legal and illegal might create a problem of ethics and responsibility for the person who has been propped up in such a way, if their experiences or observation has led them to believe that supporting certain illegal activities compromises the good of all and the health and happiness of those supporting such a person. Having sway over the decision and bias of such a person is probably important for those involved and finding balance in such a thing is problematic. Hard to believe that what I'm talking about here is a human being's freedom to act upon their responsibility to themselves and others and the right of others to curb it where it affects their freedom to choose what is right and wrong for them. This is not an attack upon what some might call Masonry, as likely those who've climbed to their heights regardless of the origins of that climb are likely all victims or at risk of what will be discussed here, much as many women are and have been from the 1960ies and onward.

Biomagnetism Revisited

Enter the biomagnetic field of the human body and the nervous system. Our body's own naturally built in WiFi that has likely been a part of every living creature with a nervous system and spinal column supporting the trunk of that system since the dawn of life. About four to six thousand years ago, a group of people living in the Far East whom had recently perfected farming in a somewhat hostile terrain had started to notice the effects of our body's natural energy field and began devising various systems of healing built around it. Another group of people thousands of years later of no particular geographical location or ethnicity start to understand similar properties of the body and utilize it for a very different set of goals. How to affect another person's conscious decision making process in their favour or bias to support their goals, habits and lifestyle. Enter the use the body's biomagnetic field for ifluencing cognitive process, perception and emotional state of another human. As I've said, many people (especially in the Far East and other parts of Asia and Africa) have largely used this for good and for medicinal purposes though in the years of recent (about the last three to five hundred years) there exists the possibility that many people have used this for at least emotional influence.

Cognition, Perception And Hormones

Most of our decision making process is at least influenced by our cognition which in turn influences our reaction. Cognition in this case represents our interpretation of the world around us through our senses or our interpretation of our memories thereof as influenced by our emotions. Many of our emotions have a foundation built upon our most basic needs and being unable to meet those most basic needs which in most cases are life sustaining such as the need to eat, drink and to have shelter from the elements. To prioritize the importance of those needs over our ability to veto them consciously, our body produces hormones that naturally implore us to do those things as they are required for our sustenance, meaning that our freedom to choose and do is affected directly by our endocrine system which is responsible for the production of many of those hormones. When our continued existence is threatened by someone else competing for the same sustenance, the body produces another set of hormones altogether that enable us to gain extra strength and mental acuity that might be needed to compete for the source of that sustenance. 

The Beast In Us All

Also, when we are seeking to procreate and make copies of our genome to pass on and live on, the body and endocrine system also produces another set of hormones that signal us that the time is right to evaluate a suitable mate for such an undertaking. All of our cognition which interprets the world through our senses or our memories of the world are filtered through the effects of these hormones hence affecting our ability to make a decision with regard to our own conscious choice rather than our hormones. Some might even argue that such an interpretation might really be what is meant by the mark of the beast as referenced in many ancient religions. Meaning the ability of a person to make an effective decision in spite of these hormones rather than as a result of them. This is the foundation of what some might refer to as steering of the mind, or even mind control but better termed emotional manipulation.

An Example Of This Effect In Action

Biasing a person's decision making process by stimulating emotions either through social interaction or via this biomagnetic field and using it much like WiFi to connect to someone else's nervous system to induce the production of a set of hormones similar to the ones present in the body of someone attempting such a thing. If the person attempting so is mad or angry (has much cortisol or adrenaline present in their body) but is able to contain it enough to attempt to tune in or connect their biomagnetic field to the frequency or radio station of someone else's nervous system, they most probably could trigger the production of similar hormones in the body of the recipient. A little bit of verbal stimuli like aggression or instigation and the victim might blow up or react very aggressively if their cortisol and adrenaline levels are high enough. Possibly the source of many an anxiety attack? 

That might give new evidence to the Robert Dziekański case in terms of the fact that he'd had an anxiety attack prior to his tazering. Maybe the RCMP were brought into a situation that they were actually set up to take the fall for. Perhaps Mr. Dziekański had been a victim of such an effect by people who practice such activity prior to this encounter. The RCMP with newly issued tazers and an unclear set of directives under which circumstances to use them would have walked into this situation not fully aware of the risk to his heart or details that would illustrate the fact that someone had been conducting this sort of activity to Dziekański. Without going deep into the territory of conspiracy, I believe this to be the case and that the RCMP were possibly set up to take the blame for such situation, possibly based upon jurisdictional rivalry between the RCMP and the various Policing unions at the time. That is not to say Unions or the Police are bad entities out to get others, but there is often rivalry that can occur as a result of the very different set of roles, objectives and tasking involved between such Policing forces where there is overlap in jurisdiction. What is more likely is the activity of a group outside of law enforcement that ramps up such people to the risk of such anxiety, outbursts via abusive use of the biomagnetic field and linking to another person's nervous system and leaves them in such a case to be handled by unsuspecting law enforcement officials of any Policing force, who are as much in the dark about the sources of this activity as the victims themselves. I propose that the composite theory that I've proposed here in this series of posts related to biomagnetism has credence in reality and may be currently employed by criminal elements or a gang operating in some cities in North America and possibly other parts of the world.

Negativity And Positivity As A System Of Reward And Punishment

What would be the motive for being able to affect someone in such a way so as to make them appear hateful, reactive or negative and how would that benefit those who do such a thing? In some societies it is common to give the social burden of the locality to the person who is deemed to be the least productive and the most negative. This in some places is overseen by an elaborate system of eavesdropping and an underground network just to ensure that the social burden ends up away from the source, as many times the source is criminal in nature and the closer such social burden is to the source, the more risk it is to such operations. Enter into this the use of information and communications technology (computers, tablets and cellular phones) and the potential both for the transfer of such social burden and even the theft of another person's work are seemingly limitless. Many gangs operate in areas and utilize colours as a means to subjugate an area based upon who controls the definitions for those colours. The goal for such gangs is to take the definitions away from the that are defined as part of social order that make things recognizable and easy to understand and locate in the context of a city and society (ie blue meaning business, education or work, orange meaning civic duty, red meaning financial restraint or arts and leisure and there are many other definitions that are not anti-establishment). Taking away these definitions and reverting them to those associated with such gangs and activity is one way that a group takes over an area. Such groups often employ illegal eavesdropping technology in order to do so and in order to gain control of an area. Colours often have significance in communications technology and the internet, so that is another set of communications channels that most gangs must also subvert for their purposes.

In doing so, much of the burden created from this activity and what it protects must be put somewhere and carried by someone by the end of the day, as part of a huge burden. This is determined by the level of productivity of a person and their level of positivity versus negativity. Enter into this the use of biomagnetism to affect or push someone to a negative stance or attitude and you have a very powerful tool for making other people into garbage bags for the containment of social burden. In such a practice and ideology, often those that conduct it in a large scale also utilize their information technology and eavesdropping capabilities to target a person from whom there is something good to steal, such as their identity or productivity because there is no effective or proven way to correlate the fact that one person's online account belongs to a physical person. One day bioinformatics might change this but for now there is no such way to prove such a link from person to online account and vice verse. Many of those who engage in the activity of illegal surveillance and eavesdropping are taking advantage of this fact to steal the credit from victims for what productivity they accomplish via computer technology in a given area and credit it to someone else, based upon the negativity/positivity principle as conducted by the (criminal) gang who employ its use.

When such a person has much of their productivity and effort stolen from them via such means and subsequently ends up a container for the local criminal activity and social burden (often becoming taunted and tormented by the very perpetrators thereof), there is the danger that such a person might explode from the pressure associated with it. For some getting such reactions has become a game for the gangs who do so to such a victim. In the 1960ies and before this was common place for how many women were treated as such and the use of this effect was often geared for them to become such containers of such burden as well. For some ideologies this idea is part and parcel of things and in modern society this has evolved into a very dangerous social activity and practice seeing as the boundaries of such a game and the personal freedoms that such a victim loses at the hands of the perpetrators is astounding. In some communities there are few people that take on such a thing as they would quickly fall victim to it, possibly losing their career, love life, family and friends and possibly even their home. All of this as a result of a group of people and gangs looking for a place to put the social burden that they've created and not having to take responsibility for their actions or answer for them.

Women Victims, Anxiety And Prozac

That gives a whole different perspective to many women who ended up living on prescriptions of Prozac in the 1960ies to calm tense nerves and the sudden onset anxiety. I see a possible relationship between that and modern occurrences of such anxiety attacks as well in both men and women. Likely the Pharmaceutical industry and many Doctors of the 1960ies sought a solution to a problem they had no means of understanding but needed a means to protect others from the dangers of errant production of such cognitive influencing hormones that seemed to occur erratically or out of cycle of context. Lets suffice it to say that it is not the members of the Far East attempting such a thing as they too utilize such a fact for healing and by way of honour and a similar oath as those sworn by Western Doctors, an oath to do no harm.

Power Steering And The Modern World

Now enter these modern means of power steering into the twenty first century and the means of dealing with one whose sense of responsibility and ethics stand against those whose activities aren't in the best interests of the health or well being of the community or the world depending upon the scale and scope. Some such people engaged in such a dire activity of trying to steer someone against their own sense of ethics might even make it into a game of measuring someone bias as such in order to determine whom had the most influence, hence claiming the credit and taking the harvest of whatever good (or bad) that came out of that purported influence of bias. The person being manipulated as such that might be termed a figurehead or puppet by some, does not seem to get ahead in the world like others do as most of their efforts are stolen before they can benefit from their own decision and action in such a process. 

Maybe they end up living on two hundred and fifty dollars a month, hidden away from the world, single, alone and kept as such so that what they have to be taken might never fall into the hands of someone beyond the control of people who would do such a thing to someone so that others take the credit for it. A group of people might even conceive of keeping such a person in such a way so as to regularly harvest from them while returning little or nothing. Another group might use such a person to get them off the hook for their prior transgressions against others once again by harvesting from such an individual and once again returning nothing.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

Biomagnetism: WiFi Of The Body Part 3

Biomagnetism Revisited

In the last post in this series we covered the possibilities of how such an ability might be used to affect another person's nervous system and trigger production of hormones via the endocrine system. All of it done via people who've practised directing their biomagnetic field and tuning it into that of another person. The physiology of two different people is similar enough when it comes to the nervous system and endocrine system that with practice and effort such a group might be able to find a compatible match in terms of such a connection between two people via biomagnetism whether or not this is consensual. In other words there are many who attempt as such even without consent. Some of the groups that conduct this activity with or without consent call this form of connection the transfer of blood.

Effects Of Transferred Hormone Production

Affecting another person's hormone production can have a series of impacts upon their physiology, metabolism and the regular functioning of their body. This is a side effect of affecting a person's regular and natural hormone production much as it is often a side effect or a risk associated with some (not all) Pharmaceuticals. Often the biggest factor in affecting hormone production in such a means to affect their physiology is related to metabolism and metabolic rate. This difference in physiology has a series of potentially destabilizing effects upon the victim's system. For one, it can result in the production of and the affecting of someone's hormones in such a way that affect their metabolic rate and rate of weight gain or weight loss. It might affect someone's desire to consume food if their body is "tricked" into producing the correct set of hormones. Hormones or lack thereof might also create lack of motivation and even in some cases depression based upon the differences in two people in terms of natural metabolic rate and balancing of mood stabilizing of hormones. These are side effects with some pharmaceuticals that affect hormone production as much as they are side effects of someone attempting to link via biomagnetism to another person.

Why Would A Group Of People Do Such A Thing?

Using this method of affecting someone against their will can have a potentially traumatic and devastating upon their emotional system as it can their physiological attributes such as metabolic rate in much the same way that pharmceuticals can in some cases isolate and protect a person from these effects and in some cases it is a side effect of them. The question is why would a group of people want to conduct such activity to affect a person either emotionally or effect their metabolic rate?

Eugenecism: A Predetermination Of A Person's Station In Life

Eugenics is an ideology that purports that based upon blood and geneology, a person is more suited to some tasks than others and that blood and geneology determine a person's right to take part in those activities. So if you aren't born with the right kind of blood or the correct genetics, you don't have the right to do certain things in life. This idea is covered very well in the movie Gattaca involving a society that has organized itself into a pseudo caste based society that confines those of less than perfect blood or geneology to menial jobs. In order to be able to work in administration or another clerical, science or creative job a person must possess this perfect blood or the correct geneology. In another twist some followers of eugenics bend this for those confined to wheel chair or those who are immobilized in some way, so that they are the exception to those allowed to work a "stationary" job, in front of a computer or creatively in some other such position. If you are possessed of less than this blood or genetics or are not of limited mobility (including those who extreme obesity problems), you have no real choice in your vocation regardless of whether you are talented, skilled, trained and capable or not. Eugenics also seeks to cut off dead ends in the genetic branches or lines of those with genetic diseases by preventing their participation in procreation via social isolation and manipulation.

Proactive Interference And Social Engineering

In the modern world, there are groups who have synthesized a methodology of ensuring that people who are not entitled to work behind a computer or in a creative field because they are possessed of lesser blood or genetics are prevented from doing so. Often such groups hide behind the fact that such work should be reserved for those who are not able bodied (a good idea for sure, but to be shared with and not on the basis of physical limitation) though they are really using that as camouflage to protect their practice of eugenics, an ideology that has had a hidden following in some (free) countries for a few centuries. Social engineering might include measures by such a group to prevent those whose blood or genetics is lesser from working in such fields. The methods of prevention generally include collective harassment by the members of such group (who refer to such activity as "nutting") and a variety of other methods meant to ensure that such a person is limited to only the jobs their blood or genetics allow them be a part of.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth Stopping A Career

Some such groups that follow this ideology are willing to go to a great deal of effort to ensuring that such stations in life are only held by those who they feel should be reserved for such a thing based upon blood or genetics. When it is mixed with collective effort to prevent lesser people from engaging in such activities a number of methods of doing so have arisen. The first as explained above is collective harassment which is often conducted to prevent clear thought and to isolate such a victim, making them afraid to leave their dwelling so they are more easily affected by the other steps. The other steps are where biomagnetism come into play and involve the collective engaging in such social engineering to affect their victim's hormone production in order to discredit them via reaction (as discussed in the prior post), or to affect their physique in such a way that would give them the right to be in such a position. In other words the people doing so don't believe that someone whose blood or genetics are less than perfect believe that such a person cannot both be physically fit and work in a field where they are immobile. That right is only reserved for those of the correct blood or genetics or those amply immobile according to their ideology. I completely agree that those who are disabled and immobile should have access to jobs and training in such fields, but to hide behind it to protect eugenics and to limit someone on the basis blood or genetics is completely wrong and immoral.

Biomagnetism And Control

I've mentioned above how some groups that believe that those of lesser blood and genetics should not be allowed to participate in some vocations in life. What happens if they cannot prevent it? They use biomagnetism and a connection to their victim to claim they are controlling their victim into having those abilities by someone else's superior blood or genetics. In other words if you've clearly proven as a person that a person with lesser blood or genetics can just as easily do things as someone else who has perfect or true blood or genetics, their ideology is in danger of collapse. Such a group in order to ensure the survival of such an ideology at the expense of their victim claim that the victim gains that ability from someone else, a donor of sorts who then takes a percentage or all of the credit for what the victim does.

So the victim still cannot benefit from the fact that they can clearly do something that is not limited to those of pure or perfect blood or genetics. Such a group that isolates their victim in such an organized fashion are usually in dire need to keep their effort secret from the system and social structures that be because their ideology operates independently and often in spite of it.

And Finally: Aggressive Conversion

The definition of pure or perfect blood in the scheme of things with regard to biomagnetism refers to someone who does not damage or harm their system via the use of mood altering narcotics and generally eats healthy and takes care of their body. It is not dependent upon culture but dependent upon lifestyle. When another group of people engages in the use of crack cocaine, heroine and other such narcotics and pain killers, it slowly depletes the ability of the body to produce the correct levels of dopamine and serotonin naturally, so that when someone is without it, they will feel depressed, agitated and imbalanced as a result. When such a person or group of persons utilizes techniques associated with biomagnism and linking to another person's nervous system, the victim's endocrine system will match the lack of production of serotonin and dopamine much the same as the user of the narcotic that has affected or imbalanced their body in such a way. 

When a victim of this activity is affected in such a way they would likely feel horrible. When someone else who claims to have perfect blood comes along and utilizes their biomagnetism to link to the victim's body, their body is once again restored in terms of the balance production of serotonin and dopamine and hence the victim would believe the person to have perfect or pure blood. Some such ideologies abuse the term blood paid to mean that they are on the basis of their perfect or pure blood entitled to the credit for what you do based upon the use of their blood. That is they gain the credit and the benefit from what you do while you gain little or nothing. This is in contradiction to the idea of what blood paid means in terms of the Crown and in countries like Canada, where it means that one has earned the right of association by representing the ideals of what the Crown or Canada stands, but is not forced to give up the credit for what they do in such a way to others in payment. The right of association is paid for by way of deed.

Such groups often work together to convert large numbers of people to going along with such an idea without really understanding what is going on. In other words if a group of people teams up to make a person feel horrible all the time until they side with an ideology that purports that there are people with pure or perfect blood and genetics and that they can heal others of this ill feeling, that person being unable to protect themselves against such conversion practices involving the abusive use of biomagnetism (unless they do what many women did in the 1960ies and go on a prescription of Prozac) might be forced to join such an ideology in order to avoid such effects from the aggressive conversion group. Another use is the use of aggressive conversion to those who might practice eugenics or to believe another group or race is the true race. Be wary of such practices and recognize them.

Such groups that target such people might also employ a medium of perpetrating this activity a constant theft of their victim's deeds, possibly even implying a payment scheme for the paying of social debts or the cleaning out of a victim's history or bad deeds (often paid for their history of good deeds). The groups involved in such activity often hide their activity in such a way by implying that a person who reveals such a practice holds a bad attitude or is negative and is therefore further subject to this ideology and having more of their words or deeds stolen. The group and ideology doing so even employ illegal eavesdropping technology to facilitate this theft of deeds and use it to measure their influence of control over a person by such means as biomagnetism by measuring whom they bias in order to know who in advance to give the credit for your deeds. When such a group or ideology does such a thing, they can be very invasive and abusive. The group doing so and the victim are often kept isolated and trapped while good the victim does is credited to others as they are literally buries and erased.

Biomagnetism And Healing

I've discussed the negatives and how some groups use such a quality of the human body abusively and to further their own ideologies. For four thousand years in Asia, Parts of Europe and in Africa, it has been used as a method of healing. It started about four thousand years ago in the Far East and India and spread from there to be shaped into many different forms of treatments such as Kundalini Yoga, Qi gong, Reiki, Hermetics, Auyurvedic medicine and even forms of Wicca. All encompassing the use of the human biomagnetic field to heal. There are even treatment centers that have modernized various branches of such healing using specially tuned physical magnetics treating both humans and in some cases equestrians. So it is still used by more people for healing, but keep an eye out that such a great thing does not make its way into such schemes as I've discussed in the prior posts in this topic.

Stay Well And Be Safe
Brian Joseph Johns