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An Explanation For Anxiety Attacks And Emotional Manipulation Aka Mind Control

The Biochemistry Of Emotional Response

Have you ever been sitting around just minding your own business only to experience a sudden anxiety attack or a heightened sense of aggravation only to have others intimidate you only to see you react? This might sound crazy but did you ever think that some people had learned a method for affecting others in that way at a distance?

When we feel an extreme emotion, it is usually as a defense mechanism in our body to put us in the mode to defend ourselves or to give us the energy to run if we need to. These emotions are primarily our overriding defense mechanism for when our sense of reason and ability to deal with things deterministically don't work as we'd like them to. Extreme emotions such as anger and hate generally occur as a result of the body's production of cortisol and adrenaline. When the body produces these in abundant levels, we often might find ourselves out of our own control and maintaining ourselves against reaction is an exercise in overcoming our adrenal system and the effects of natural stimulants on our nervous system.

Likewise when we feel good or extreme or intense pleasure. Our bodies produce dopamine and serotonin in high levels and our mood becomes giddy as a result or as a result of laughter and humour (or sexual stimulation) our adrenal system produces dopamine and serotonin and we feel the same giddiness. This of course is the opposite extreme and it can be very dizzying when our bodies produce high levels of those natural chemicals in our body and again we might find ourselves laughing uncontrollably.

Biochemistry, Emotions And Control

Those are two extremes under which we might find ourselves not in control under two very different circumstances. Obviously feeling anxiety and anger are not good and keeping one's cool under such circumstance is important.

What if someone wanted to manipulate you though and knew that they could by tricking your own body into producing cortisol and adrenaline by how they treated you and likewise with dopamine and serotonin? That would mean that they could affect your moods and two very different moods and especially one where you would not feel very good and the other where you might feel good, but violated in either case nonetheless?

There are people who've learned to do this and there's even more to it than you might think and others doing this can have a bigger effect upon you than you know and than most people are aware of.

The Human Battery And Biomagnetism

The human body is also a battery and has the potential to produce a very tiny amount of electrical current. A battery is composed of an acid or alkaline medium, an insulator that insulates another conductor of which either end is submerged in the alkaline or acid medium. This creates a battery and our bodies are naturally setup in such a way. The fluid medium in our body dependent upon the production of some chemicals such as cortisol, adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin affects the p.H. level of our bodies, either in balance, acidic or alkaline. When not in balance our bodies become like batteries, with our body fluid acting as the battery acid, our bones as insulators and our bone marrow as conductors.

These effects also are subject to the Maxwell's laws of electromagnetism which states that a current that passes through a conductor produces a magnetic field and a magnetic field that passes through a conductor produces a current.

Therefore when our emotions are out of balance, we become capable of producing a small amount of current and a small biomagnetic field. Because this current passes through our bodies and is varied and stimulated by adrenal glands that produce the chemicals that affect its strength, which further stimulates the nervous system. This cycle means that the magnetic field produced by our bodies in this state are in a constant state of flux where the state of our body's nervous system and adrenal production and even our brain state is encoded in this magnetic field.

Two magnetic fields can interfere with each other over a distance and this has been proven in studies and research and even with the body's minute field, there is interaction. When someone else's magnetic field crosses into our bodies, it creates a current as it too follows Maxwell's laws that a magnetic field passing through a conduct (our bodies and bone marrow) creates a current. This current contains the analog encoded information representing the state of the nervous system of whose body it originated from. That means that one person's nervous system can affect another person's nervous system even at a distance.

The Connection Of The Nervous System To The Endocrine System And The Hypothalamus

The endocrine system of the body is the system responsible for the production of such natural hormones as cortisol, dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline, all of which play a big part in our emotional and physical response. The production of any of these hormones can be stimulated by a person sufficiently versed in the amplification of their biomagnetic field in such a way to affect the nervous system of another person at a distance, hence triggering their endocrine system to produce a particular hormone that would mirror the hormonal state of the body of the person projecting such biomagnetism. If they had prior to this attempt sought to amplify their level of stress or aggression, their body might have elevated levels of cortisol and adrenaline. To the person they tried to affect via natural biomagnetism their nervous system might stimulate the production of cortisol and adrenaline upon interacting with the biomagnetic field of the person projecting hence making that person feel aggressive and even angry.

In order to curb that effect the same or another person might try to affect the same person with someone whose body and endocrine system is healthy, hence causing their endocrine system to produce dopamine and serotonin to offset the effects of the cortisol and adrenaline. This might also include using those whose body and nervous system is under the effects of a narcotic, such a crack cocaine which stimulates the endocrine system to produce dopamine and serotonin as well to affect someone else at a distance in order to convince them that such an effect was the result of their superiority in some way rather than scientifically about the fact that their biomagnetic field had the stored information regarding the state of their nervous system.

Affecting the endocrine system at a distance biomagnetically could be used to manipulate or even control a victim's emotional reactions. Many people often fall victim to such activity as a result of groups that try to stimulate hate in others. Often the vulnerable have been targeted in such a way some women, men and members of the LGBTi community often fall victim to activities such as this. Perhaps to illicit reaction from such people to discredit them publicly or to keep them from opening up.

Some cultures use such an effect as a means of healing though in most cases your consent will be sought as it is considered a form of medicinal practice. It is often a good option to seek help from a professional in form of healing if you are being subjected to such activity and the help of other medical professionals.

Could Others Use This Effect?

What would happen if a person or a group of people learned to ramp up this effect and learned to build up anxiety and anger in their body, stimulating the production of cortisol which increases their biomagnetic field, which can affect someone else? The other person's body if it had become acclimatized or tuned in to the same resonance (for lack a better term) so that the information encoded in the magnetic field of the one could affect the nervous system of the other, then someone who tricked their own body into producing cortisol and adrenaline to amplify their magnetic field could also cause another person's body to produce cortisol and adrenaline by stimulating their nervous system with their affected magnetic field.

That would mean that the one person could affect the mood of the other with minimal input to the other person except maybe an insult or intimidation enough to create the reaction resulting from suddenly elevated cortisol and adrenaline levels of the other person.

When our bodies produce too much of these chemicals, our bodies react by trying to balance them with the production of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin in order to balance us out once again so that we don't hurt ourselves and so that we don't suffer the negative effects of stress that the chemicals create in us (ulcers, carcinogens etc). When our bodies produce these healing chemicals they might produce an abundance of them to quickly deal with the heightened levels of cortisol or adrenaline meaning that we'll have a mood swing in the other direction that is out of proportion and we'll likely feel very good.

Mutual Binding

It doesn't stop there because when we feel good, the same effect applies though the polarity of the biological battery reverses (we're not an acidic battery but an alkaline battery). That current creates biomagnetic field that feeds the battery of the person the who is still abundant in cortisol hence creating a mutual binding between those two people where the magnetic field of one stimulates the other and vice versa and maintains the body's production of cortisol in one and dopamine in the other if its balanced enough.

What About Long Distances

Add into this the possibility that Quantum Entanglement might also factor into this effect, meaning that over infinite distances there might be a link created via this biomagnetism or electrical field that we don't quite understand yet. As demonstrated in the lab, Quantum Entanglement describes the state of two particles at a finite distance to each other where an effect upon one instantaneously effects the other without delay. In other words even relativity doesn't factor in as entanglement even breaks the laws regarding the speed of light as the effects upon one particle occur in the same frame of time reference as the other regardless of distance. If this is the case, then possibly such a link created between people might not be limited by distance. A possibility though a distant one forgive the pun.

Mutual Binding Use And Abuse

The mutual binding effect can occur or be induced (consentingly or non-consentingly) in two ways, by verbal and physical stimulation in the form of abuse or intimidation (or affection if its going the other way), or by the means of creating the extreme emotion in one or more people and using the resulting biomagnetic field to affect the "victim" at a distance by affecting their nervous system and stimulating the production of cortisol and adrenaline.

I've explained before on this blog that there are people that take advantage of this effect to their own benefit. Some couples with an abusive or opportunistic partner where that partner might provoke and harangue their partner until their partner's body produces cortisol and adrenaline and they react harshly to the abuse they received from that partner. The abusive partner might do this knowing that their spouse's mood will proceed to the opposite extreme and they will then feel good, and most likely will feel guilty for over reacting to their partner and will also likely try to make it up to them out of guilt, which essentially is rewarding the abusive partner for their mistreatment of the victim spouse.

The 1960s and 1970s found a whole generation of women who likely fell victim to this sort of treatment and when they found that they weren't taken seriously about these anxiety attacks that would come out of nowhere and that others were treating them as being crazy, most Doctors and MDs had no choice but to rely on strong pharmacology to mask the symptoms and effects of such anxiety attacks. 

Just as there are relationships with this as the operating factor and dynamic, there are groups of people who often do the same thing to individuals outside of their group as another form of victimization knowing that if they can provoke a reaction from that individual that they might benefit from that person's sense of guilt later on, or the sense of guilt of onlookers who see the person react and want to avoid the embarrassment of being associated with that person's reaction.

In either case, the abusive group benefits by provoking the reaction in the individual because if the individual feels guilty then there is a good chance that they will do something to make it up to the group. If the individual doesn't feel guilty but the onlookers feel guilty or self conscious of being associated with that person's reaction, there's a good chance those onlookers will do something to make it up to the group in order to avoid association with the person reacting. Either way the group benefits and is rewarded for abuse.

Emotional Control Explained

Emotional control is a good explanation for this and here once again is information with regard to an explanation of anxiety attacks and anxiety based emotional manipulation and emotional control. This explanation is designed to let people know how it works in order to protect themselves from it or to seek strategies against it. All of the explanations here have a firm foundation in scientific knowledge and facts.

This whole effect is a periodic cycle and those that practice it in an abusive and invasive manner are well aware of it and have practiced timing and understanding the bounce back effect in order to use it manipulate their victims and calling it a form of control, and as such justifying stealing credit for the output of the victim when in fact there is no control, just the tweaking of someone's biochemistry and trying to manipulate a victim into a position of guilt for defending themselves.

This coming from me is a little odd as I'm a self admitted fetishist in regard to erotic hypnosis, role play and gams. The difference is with the group that I am talking about that they don't regard it as invasive even though it most certainly is as it affects someone in an extreme way and leads to anxiety attacks for the victim and that is invasive. Making someone feel anxiety against their will is wrong.

Some groups have even made it into a game of trying to hit others at a distance with such anxiety and finding it quite humourous when they do. I personally think that this is wrong and that though it is ok to have an attraction to someone else, I don't think that it is ok to target someone else emotionally in such a way to stimulate a negative emotion such as anxiety invasively whether it is a joke or done seriously. 

It is something that I have never done and most certainly something that I would never do, as I love the mind of my love interest as much and more than her body alone. Role play is fun because you get to enjoy your lover's interpretation of what your fantasies are and they get to enjoy your creative interpretation of theirs. That in itself is what its about.

How Does It Occur?

The general idea for how it happens is by the activities of a group who effectively monitor others and try to reinterpret the definitions that colours represent for those people who want to communicate or express their interest in one another or perhaps their artistic expression. By doing so the group try to reinterpret the colours of those interacting (such as by what they are wearing in a picture or a video) and reinterpreting those colours so that one of them always represents aggravation or anger and hate, so that the victim that they are monitoring is subjected to hate or anxiety anytime they view someone else online or communicate with someone who has that colour present as part of that communication. 

This might occur even when the person doesn't intend it that way as a means of affecting those people negatively in order to turn them against one another, or as a stance against their love for one another if they are not of the correct cultural mix for one another. The group doing so does so to create a divide between the people and break them apart from communication in order to push them to someone closer locally. Its a means of ruining communication with others at a distance. The people at each end of such a communication circuit (watching one another's videos or reading one another's blog posts) would likely eventually get suspicious if every time one of them perused the media produced by the other, they were bombarded by hate and anxiety by people close to them locally regardless of what colours they were wearing or interacting with.

On one side, the person might feel like it is the person on the other end that is purposely doing this to them and on the other end it might be the same thing, but in between it is the two groups that monitor, reinterpret and sabotage the definitions of colours in such a way that it always ruins positive and effective communication especially if it is geared towards potential and mutual interest and future interaction and intimacy.

The motives for such groups might be on the basis of racism, or ideological differences or in the case of some ideologies, thinking that they are the only right ideology for others and therefore it is their right to subdue others even by conducting illegal surveillance and misusing this information to ruin the communications of people interacting that they do not agree with despite the fact that they are grown adults and have the right to do so.

Maintaining the use of hate constantly is a sure way to disconnect or break others away from and ensure that such a person is trapped for someone else, or as an indoctrination method for steering a person into their ideology and averting a relationship or friendship they don't approve of either racially or on the basis of gender.

By redefining colours in such a way especially by forcing a set of colours that always guarantee hate, they most certainly guarantee that the people involved will stay away from one another, so that in itself would be a form of conditioning.

In my experience the cult do this in order to break relationships apart and to prevent or trap future opportunities and to keep a victim trapped in their ideology meaning that someone who views videos or communicates using one of those two colours is guaranteed to get bombarded by hate rather than one of the many other peaceful representations for those colours. In my experience it has been about keeping people apart on the basis of cultural difference or on the basis of gender and the forcing of a person to a particular ideology.

Interception Of A Person's Communications By Such A Group

If on both ends of two people's communications, there existed a group or groups that used a redefined set of colours to break apart the communications of others so that those colours always represented the interests of the group rather than the two people communicating. The two people communicating might be doing so with future plans to end up together. The group might be against such plans.

To prevent such things from happening therefore the group(s) devise a plan whereby they employ and illegal means of the interceptions of computer communications or cellular phone output and intercept it and coordinate on each end of such a communication to prevent such communication from occurring and to prevent those people from being or ending up together.

The technology exists and is in wide use today as this is being written. RF eavesdropping can pickup computer monitor images from a distance away without the need for a network. The same can be done with the output of a computer keyboard and again with the need for a keylogger or a network. Combine that with modern software backdoors and other means and such groups could literally prevent many things between people that they don't want to end up together for whatever reason. The groups involved know that some people use colours to communicate things like their interest to one another etc, so in order to sabotage their communication they redefine colours on each end of communication to something to suit their group and to prevent the two (or more people) from communicating in the future. Every time they communicate the group just reinterprets one of the colours randomly to represent hate or anxiety, so they subject the person on the other end that emotion to deter them from communicating. 

Some groups might do so to prevent my communication with someone of the culture that I am interested in if they are against that culture and have done so many times in the past. The person on the other end would think that the hate or anxiety was being sent by me and that I was trying to use hate to manipulate them (as outlined in this blog) and I would likely think the same thing and we'd stop communicating. Meanwhile the cult is just trying to redefine colours in such a way that the two people trying to reconnect or form a bond are sabotaged in favour of keeping whatever they have to offer for their group.

Another reason is that some other groups use colours to communicate and those groups often fight for the definition of those colours with others in the same area and this fight has found its way into online communication. The same groups responsible will conduct illegal eavesdropping with illegal equipment in order to maintain their hold on the definition of colours in a particular area against another group in order to know what to apply to who in terms of those definitions. If one group defines the colour blue to mean then if someone in the area in their turf watches a video where someone is wearing blue white, the group locally will try to pile hate and anxiety onto the person that watched that video in order to keep the colour blue defined as hate. 

They do the same thing with other colours and often in order to discourage communication between people of cultures that they don't approve of or cultural combinations of people that they don't approve of. The person that made the video might be confused that others are accusing them of sending hate but it is not the person that made the video, its the group on the receiving end who fight for the control of the definition of colours and then communicate with their respective members on the other end to keep it coordinated so that it is maintained as hate unbeknownst to the two people who watched videos, read a blog or communicated in some way on either end. In this way if they keep those colours maintained as those definitions, they consider themselves to have control of that means of communication.

So How Do You Defend Yourself Against It?

So far my research and investigation has been limited but I've found some coping techniques that work. Some of the other ones that I've mentioned 

  • When you feel an anxiety attack coming on, focus on something that you can use the energy in an effective way to perform some kind of a good outcome rather than bad one.
  • Exercise to rid yourself of the effects and after effects of this activity.
  • Have a circle of friends close by or within communicating distance (bear in mind that the group will likely try to sabotage those communications too by redefining the interpretation of colours on either end of the communication.
  • Keep positive thoughts and good memories on standby to rescue you from anxiety when you can.
  • Try to laugh and remember a good joke or watch a funny video.
  • Pass this information along to others so that they know and have a good idea of what is going on.
The group responsible often hides behind its victims and has no morality when it comes to what it does or how it affects their victims. I've had perpertrators here impersonate my identity both online and in the community so that I've been punished for what they are doing in the described manner while others think the perpetrators are the ones trying to protect others by stealing my identity. The group doing this use this form of reversal often and that is precisely why I include my exact address and physical description with posts related to this activity. So that both the people online and in the community that may have thought me to be responsible for the activity know that I am the one trying to stop it.

Remember this too, that just because I have a fetish related to hypnosis doesn't mean that controlling someone against their will is something that I would try just the same as I wouldn't run around the street with a gun shooting others because I like action movies.

I'm on the side of those who like their creative freedom and the right to role play with one another (in person or online and more importantly consensually) and in their privacy and always monogamously. I wouldn't use any such means to violate somebody as the group practicing this ideology does.

Oh and I wasn't under anyone's mind control while writing this. People can only be played with emotionally and the group that does it uses the method described above.

Pass it on.

Further reading:

Scientific Papers

Signals and signs in the nervous system: The dynamic anatomy of electrical activity is probably information-rich

Theodore Holmes Bullock

Dartmouth Journal Of Undergraduate Science

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Social Engineering, Content And Identity Theft In The Modern Age


First we'll discuss some hypotheticals that make some assumptions about society and then we'll go a bit beyond hypothetical to reality in this topic and emergent social engineering.

One means of architecting a society in terms of social engineering in order to make sure that people contribute to it equally is to create a paradigm whereby if a person in that society doesn't make a decent effort towards some form of work or social contribution to their society, they must then carry the social burden or load for others that do make such an effort or contribution. This motivates people to at least be at par in terms of effort. 

This could be called negative motivation because it motivates people based upon the fact that if they do not contribute to the whole in some way that is deemed enough, they are then responsible for carrying the weight of the social burden for someone who does.

How Negative Motivation Works

In example someone who works and contributes readily to their society in such a way maybe has incidents in life they'd rather be kept quiet. Maybe a speeding ticket. Maybe a gambling problem. Maybe they cheated on a school exam. They did something that could prove to be a burden to them socially for this mistake if it became common knowledge. 

They work on a daily basis and they encounter someone who does not work. That person ends up with the social burden for the speeding ticket, or if they don't drive, they end up with the social burden for cheating on the exam or the gambling problem. What gives it value is if this person is regularly "bothered" about their mistake by others that have elected themselves as the ones to do so, then if someone else bares the weight for this mistake, the working person gains value from it. Two people essentially sharing the same identity in terms of productivity and social contribution.

In other words, the value comes from the peace that they get to experience with regard to their social burden in exchange for sharing the credit for their employment, which the unemployed person gets to experience as payment for carrying this burden for them. So the value is for it is based upon the level of peace they're allowed. This means that an organized outside force is in control of the market value for someone else's peace meaning they can set the value for what that person provides based upon the weight of the social burden they have associated with them.

Creating Social Burden

What if you take the same group who've been using social burden as a means to survive in society without giving back or necessarily providing value in exchange. Those people need no longer get the same reaction for the same social burden as the person that it is about has become comfortable with it. It is no longer stressful to them and therefore has no value to anyone because it is no longer a burden. Enter social burden creation.

This is the act of creating social burden for such a person that may later be redeemed by such a group's use of their victim's constructive or creative output essentially laying claim to it for their own. Creating social burden might include might include setting up situations that give one impression about their victim that is detrimental to their repute hence damaging their source of income or stress level. Creating reactions in the victim that are unbecoming and once again polarize people against the victim. Such a group doing so can create social burden using these methods and continue the activity as a whole.

Really this whole activity gives credence to the idea: forgive yourself and maybe others will too.

Market Value In Social Burden

Those who are in the know about these social burdens then have control over the market value for someone's contribution to society because they can affect the level of peace such a person experiences. Even if the social burden is relatively small in terms of morality (ie the social burden for jay walking). 

So the whole economy for such a thing is based upon tormenting a victim for one reason or another and charging them a price for their peace. In order to avoid this disturbance to their peace that person is forced to give up bits of their productivity to such people.

Enough such people and a person's peace can entirely become non-existent as each person doing so might opt for their part of that person's output in exchange for keeping their peace about their social burden.

This is a form of extortion but a difficult one to prove and many people already use it frequently in day to day life.

Reversing Social Burden

Now take the same group of people who literally survive via this effort of taking the credit for someone else's effort in such a way if that person hasn't opted to share it with others (which most people do but do so selectively, wary of what they want supported and what they don't).

Now take such a group that is in the business of taking the credit for another person's deeds in such a convoluted way and reverse the social burden element. Now instead of them taking and carrying social burden in exchange for taking the credit for the deeds of their victim, they are now loading the victim with their social burden which might in turn be harassed for by another group of people in order to give it value in removing it from such a person who of course is charged the price of the credit for their deeds.

This has become a complex form of extortion that is running rampant in many places.

Exploitation Via Eavesdropping

The danger is that in such an arrangement that a group of people could literally find one person who is productive in such a way and exploit them them indefinitely. They could literally keep the illusion that their victim's output was their output, going as long as they could convince others that the productivity and contribution to society of the person whose credit for which they were stealing was their own instead of the real producer.

In such a case such a group need only keep a constant stream of "fresh" social burden related to the person that provides value to them by their protection from a group that possesses it. 

In such a case what is to stop such group from using this means of doing things to wear a person out in order to provoke reactions that provide value to the person by keeping them secret for them? Once again this is a real phenomenon that does go on and is practiced by many who do use it as a form of extortion.

Social Engineering As A Form Of Identity Theft

Lastly in such a paradigm of social engineering what is to stop such a group of people to completely swapping one of more of their own identities with that of their victim. If their victim's effort is based inside of a computer or information technology then there is no "proof" that their work is their own. A reasonably equipped group of people with the right kind of eavesdropping technology could literally shop for victims to expunge such work from them. 

Via such eavesdropping they'd know details about what they were doing, when they did it and what kind of response and value it gave to society. If it was popular they would know and hence know in advance that it had more value than just taking the credit for creating it. Such a group could literally abscond with a person's output in such a way without really giving anything in return for it. Using illegal computer eavesdropping technology in such a way a group could actually bypass the means of measurement of a web sites popularity by rebroadcasting it to others via their means.

If their content drew attention from web users, because the source of the content is read once by the eavesdropping technology and then rebroadcast to many, this circumvents the statistics tracking that measure such the popularity meaning a content producer cannot benefit from the popularity of their content and a media company cannot track its popularity. In such eavesdropping a group of people might even steal the effort of such a person and apply it to someone else completely.

Content Coverage, Market Forces And The Damage

The media rely upon accurate data to determine the value of their product. If that data is not accurate then they cannot with any certainty charge a price for advertising that takes into account the coverage of their medium.

For instance seeing as the product in such a medium is the content, if there is no accurate way to know how many people are partaking of content or who they are then the value to advertisers is useless because there is no guarantee to the coverage they receive when they show their ads in association with specific content.

Such an illegal eavesdropping programs could literally have serious repercussions for such media giants should it continue. If content is rebroadcast bypassing the mechanisms used for content tracking, then the media has no way of knowing the value of their own product and therefore what price to charge their customers: the advertisers. The content producer more importantly is not rewarded for their effort.

This activity is becoming more of a serious boon to such mediums and is currently being played by groups doing so.

Unfortunately until this media understands the problem and invests resources to understand it, this might prove to be the new obstacle to content value determination and content theft. Gone are the days where downloading an mp3 or an iso is the real threat. Why not take something that has value? 

The victims of this emerging crime are the content producers and those involved with media measurement and coverage analysis.

Welcome to the age of content and identity theft.

Keep in mind that members of the groups trying to perpetrate such activity will try to wreck the context of this blog post by reversing the context of love and hate (often called blue love). The people attempting to reverese this context are not associated with the Oriental culture (the Oriental cultures of the Far East often use the reversal of love and hate to fix a bad situation when hate has far outweighed love over the course of a day with a group of people). If such a context is reversed by the groups practicing it locally, then this effectively would mean the opposite in terms of which side of such an expose favoured. Those are the forces involved in keeping it in place.

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Hypocrisy In Society And The Burden Placed Upon A Woman For It


This article is a touchy subject and by such I would not be surprised if you the reader decided to pack it in and make your way to the next search engine ranking from the results of the search that brought you here. If you do stick around, you might be treated to a wonderfully sarcastic insight into the forces at work in places that don't often receive enough light. This is not a confession as I do not take part in the world of this article but I do live in the midst of it as I've got a bachelor pad with a great view of the Twilight Zone. I've been close to it for long enough to understand its inner workings a little bit more than I'd like to. Being responsible enough to understand that there are things that you should share responsibly I took the time to write this article.

Crack Cocaine And Its Role In This Article

One of the things that I often gripe about is in relation to the damages of the drug crack cocaine. I have no personal experience with it myself but during the course of my life I've been in proximity with those who've struggled with it. I do not support it's use or anyone who sells it in the least.

The factors that maintain its place in the market of the underground economy is the fact that it is cheap and it is highly addictive. In this way it has historically often been used as the drug of choice as the drug of control.

A drug of control is any narcotic where the cost versus addictiveness puts it within reach for a relatively small price, a price that puts it in competition with that of groceries or other necessities. Unlike cocaine, another highly addictive substance crack cocaine is available from street dealers for dramatically lower price.

The Forces At Work

In the case of street prostitution it is often the first step on that path and often the dealers of the narcotic are aware of this in the first place. Because the effects have a relatively high turn around rate, that is the time before the body tells you that it need more, it is also a debilitating narcotic. Once someone has taken the steps to secure their addiction to it, they are usually committed to procuring a new source of it on a regular daily basis. That makes working a regular job a near impossibility as one often requires a fresh supply of it and is almost using it at the same rate as that of a cigarette smoker. The behaviour of one who uses it is heavily affected as well further limiting their options.

There are few professions that can accommodate an addict in such a case and most often the profession most readily available is prostitution. A crack cocaine user rarely becomes a dealer because being a dealer in such a high risk market requires attentiveness, awareness and the ability to deal with customers who would pose the risk of exposing the dealer if their source of the substance is cut off or limited. So for most if not all women who start off using the substance the next inevitable step is prostitution.

The Underground Economy

In the underground there are many people who have been ostracised from society for one reason or another either by social forces who execute that verdict and maintain it without trial. Often these forces are executed in the name of an ideology or faith that seeks to torment them often in substitution  of the real wrong doers. The people acting as a surrogate malevolent force often limit the finances of such people (substitute or not) and maintain their place within the underground as a sort of hell.

Sometimes such people in the underground are pariahs and outcasts living off the books who cannot or do not support the ideas of society, some might be avoiding child support payments or other responsibilities they are seeking to avoid. Nonetheless they are there and live mostly on small incomes of support payments or cash under the table.

The Market Of Sexuality

One market that commonly occurs in such a situation is the need for sexual contact from a partner. In such an economy there are several factors that affect this and how it is resolved for such people.

The market forces confine the pricing for such a service to be offered by just anyone seeking to work in such an economy so that limits the work force in that respect. Finding people willing to work such a horrendous job pleasuring complete strangers who undoubtedly are at their lowest of lows is in such a situation nearly impossible.

In addition to this fact there are pseudo faith based groups who consider masturbation to be a carnal sin of huge proportions that they actually police it themselves, ensuring that it is not occurring. For people of such profoundly insightful and divine influence they've come to the conclusion that it is less of a sin to make use of the services of a prostitute than it is to take care of the business of one's pleasure upon their own.

Crack Cocaine As A Driving Force

Enter the crack dealer into such an economy and the crack addict into such a set of market forces. This presents a fresh approach to handling this high demand low profit market where the product is any lady that is willing to sell herself for a price less than twenty dollars. For a crack user twenty dollars is a fortune and can sustain the addiction for about an hour or sometimes two depending upon how far down the road they are in their addiction.

The crack dealer has not only secured the narcotics market for a cheap and highly addictive product but they've also managed to secure the sex trade market and to ensure its price and availability where customer buying power is low.

The dealer only needs to ensure a fresh supply of talent as the market place tends to go through talent quickly. Crack cocaine tends to age its users quickly and before long many such women who've stumbled their way to such an addiction or been lured there by the talent scout/crack dealer/predator is scarred and broken before long. A far cry from the often beautiful women they were on the road to becoming before their encounter into such forces. 

Perhaps the pseudo faith based groups so much against masturbation even receive kick backs themselves for maintaining the market forces by policing the sin of self pleasure. That way they can nearly always ensure a high demand against such competing forces. 

The Woman, Child And Substitution

Now that we understand the forces affecting and creating such a market and social architecture, let us consider the casualty that often is failed to be taken into consideration. The unwanted pregnancy.

Now a woman who undoubtedly started out life under a much different set of impressions who ended up addicted to crack and selling herself in order to pay for it ends up with an unwanted pregnancy.

Enter said pseudo faith based group who of course would much rather see the lady keep the child. The child who essentially exists as a "mistake" because of their unwillingness to accept that the sin of luring a woman to sell herself sexually in order to pay for an addiction is greater than the sin of masturbation.

The answer for some might be to pawn off the pregnancy onto a scapegoat for the real father. So the group of people responsible for such a mess seek to find such a substitute so as to protect their customer. 

In return this substitute gets the impossible task of carrying the burden of sin of the original father who of course is sold off as being of a "protected" lineage. The substitute then gets taken to be that person so they inherit whatever "protection" that person might have received as an ironic way of earning a blood heritage.

The pseudo faith based group even torments and punishes the substitute in this regard as part of the doctrine of their faith. The so called lamb for the slaughter. The real father is nowhere to be seen and living life peacefully and torment free.

In the midst of this turmoil the woman with said child makes the most responsible decision in her life given her addiction, her living circumstances and the fact that it is her body and decides to abort the pregnancy.

Once again enter the pseudo faith based group and their endless pursuit of righteousness and they decide to torment the woman for that decision once again underlining the irony of their acceptance of the use of crack cocaine and prostitution to pay for addiction to it.

Ultimately the burden of sin once again placed upon the shoulders of the woman and a man who had nothing to do with it except than to act as an unknowing substitute for a man who is likely enjoying life elsewhere, possibly with a string of unwanted children and a wake of destruction.

Hypocrisy doesn't always have to win.