Monday, March 17, 2014

Adult Role Play Versus Reality

Who says that adults don't like to play? There are many who do and that can easily be found by examining all of the outlets there are for such play amongst adults. The idea of play is more important than most people realize regardless of whether it is a trivial time waster or an organized passion between two. Play gives people that chance to either live out their fantasies and a partner to share in them provided there is mutual and reciprocal attention in that arena. They can be sexual in nature or even adventurous without sexuality at all. Many couple's vacations are as such and the purpose is to fulfil that need for mutual and shared adventure.

Enter role play into the lives of people and you have a popular means of exploring adventure and fantasy by performing it together in an imaginary sense. There is no real risk in doing so and if your role play is of a nature that could potentially become uncomfortable for either of you, then come up with a safety word that lets your partner know that you're uncomfortable and that you'd like to stop. This is important in regards to sexual role play or fantasy and gives your partner a way out should they become uncomfortable.

Where does the idea of role play versus reality come in? It comes from how and where a person might get their ideas for fantasy and further more the efforts they go through to live them. This concept is an important one and has some moral implications that people should talk about. Some of the ideas of where fantasy comes from and whether one might try to conduct it in reality versus role play have the same grounds for discussion that people used to have about the risk of children watching violent cartoons or reading comic books. Most parents don't anyone to tell them how to raise their children in that regard, but we will discuss real play versus role play here.

Role play is defined as pretending a situation and interaction is real (when it is not) and involves the means of such play occurring in performance rather than reality. Role play might involve taking on the role of another person in another career and pretending to do what one imagines they might do without actually doing it for real. Couples do this when they play masseur/masseuse if they are doing so out of a hobby rather than for a career. Playing while pretending that it is your first meeting as a couple is another role play scenario. You are each pretending not to know each other and then hitting it off and maybe leaving where ever you are together.

Real play on the other hand is play derived from fantasy that occurs for real and is conducted for real. Having a fantasy about driving a race car or going horse back riding or jumping out of an aeroplane  (with a parachute of course) and then doing those things in real life. Going skiing is a real play fantasy as is going boating or canoeing together. They are activities that you want to do for real and seek the means to do so for real.

Though it may not seem so important, knowing the difference between when a fantasy should be role play and when it should be real play is a very important topic for investigators in fields such as Behavioural Profiling as it can determine a the social decision making process for a person where it involves unnecessary risks to others and to oneself.

For instance, there are lines of fantasy that involve playing intimidation, humiliation or control that involves emotional risk for someone playing in such a situation when it is done for real or none at all when it is role played, so that role playing it involves no risk. There are many people who enjoy a control fantasy and it is obviously one that is best role played rather than real played. Likewise someone who likes watching action films with guns and violence isn't as necessarily prone to go outside and start shooting people to live out a fantasy. That also doesn't mean that movies, cartoons, comic books and fantasies are dangerous things at all. Its how people seek to achieve fantasy because fantasies are really like dreams and deserve careful consideration in there becoming reality, whether through play or for real. A determination of which one applies is in deed very important.

These fine lines play a role in Behavioural Profiling and this topic is a very important topic to investigators everywhere. So what we fantasize about and the means we go through to achieve it as a fantasy come true are more important topics than one would realize. I would say that the rule of thumb so to speak is to engage in such activity where it is sexual in nature with a trusted and committed partner. It should always involve role play and it should be discussed before hand as to how you handle things like discomfort with a situation (like with a safety word or trust). The safety word exists as a way of letting a partner know that you are out of character for the moment and talking as yourself. It is a way to let your partner know that you'd rather not continue, or even to keep going but to try something a little bit differently.

Control Versus Inspiration And Role Play

A real controller might try to take the credit for what someone else does citing that they were controlling the person while they did it, where as someone who is inspired is not controlled into doing something but made a choice to credit an emotional, determinate or spiritual source. 

Role playing control is one thing because as I've said, it involves the creativity of a partner (if the role play is sexual in nature) whereas real control does not. One would think that the one thing that a person loves most about their partner is their personality and creativity, so why in a sexual encounter would they not want that to be a part of such an experience?

The same could equally apply for others as well in situations that don't involve sexuality and don't require role play. Inspiration gives us the choice to act on what we feel when we experience a creative effort of another. Control doesn't. Therefore one is narcissistic and the other is social. Role play is social because you are inviting a partner to interpret your fantasy.

Safe playing and stay well,
Brian Joseph Johns

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Are You Really Who You Are? Personality Swapping

Unfortunately we are living in a very difficult time. There are people that are convinced that some of us, our personalities and minds have been replaced by that of other people. Literally and I kid you not. There are people that actually hunt down such a thing in society unfortunately, who have devised an illicit means of extrapolating such people from society.

The means that such a group has devised involves comparing a person's past with their present in order to diagnose if and when a person's personality was replaced by that of another person. I mean this literally.

The groups involved generally believe that when they use the form of bio-magnetic projection that I've been talking about on this blog to trigger the productions of hormones or natural steroids by artificially stimulating their endocrine system via the nervous system. 

To recap the idea here, the groups involved have learned a method of using their own biochemistry and biomagnetism to affect others at a distance. This biomagnetic field is amplified in each individual by a group in close proximity (living in the same neighbourhood or same building) who from their own living space each build up their emotional aggression to the level of actually triggering their own system to produce cortisol. Some people who conduct this activity might even use crack cocaine or another opiate to amplify this effect even further. 

Upon doing so, the body's biochemistry by way of the pH level of the fluid medium of the body (blood stream) is affected to an unnatural level which has the effect of amplifying the natural biomagnetic field of the locations of the body. This field carries the information of the state of their nervous systems encoded in it in real-time. When this minute field extends into the body of another person and it has been acclimatized to affect their specific nervous system, the magnetic field produces current which stimulates the nervous system into telling the endocrine system that it needs to produce cortisol (or dopamine and serotonin or a series of other hormones) just like the bodies of those who produced these artificially amplifies biomagnetic fields. 

The hormones can affect the degree of mood the person feels at that particular point that they are affected by it, and may even trigger an anxiety attack in the victim. The groups that practice this activity believe that they can actually possess someone else via this effort and manner and can actually control a person via a copy of their system that they often refer to as "blood". This is not actual blood, as the victims' system does not start producing blood (or stem cells) via their bone marrow nor does it increase the rate of cellular mitosis of existing blood cells.

It is this effect that the group believes can actually subjugate the personality of the victim and replace it with the personality of someone else, essentially swapping places with the victim although for the most part this activity is conducted by multiple people who hope to traumatize the victim repeatedly. It is this repeated traumatizing via anxiety attacks and accompanied harassment that the group hopes to damage the emotional state of the victim, hence making them appear reactive and changed from their former person if conducted for long enough.

This is precisely what the group believe and there are parts of the same group who use this methodology to convince others that their victim's psyche has been replaced by that of another person's obviously not taking into consideration emotional illnesses like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and others. So these groups have developed a method for weeding out people who've been replaced by such means so to speak, calling the emotional damage they've caused in the victim possession or replacement of the psyche.

To finalize the ruse, the groups involved might even coerce the family of such a victim into buying such an idea as they present by inviting the victim's family to compare the victim's past to the victim's present. If the victim's own immediate family cannot accurately predict the choices of the victim then the victim's family might believe them to be either socio-pathic or replaced. The truth is that the group practising this ideology creates this sort of an illusion out of the emotional damage they cause via this largely uninvestigated phenomenon.

The reasons for the lack of investigation stem from the fact that the people who experience it often don't have the credibility or the qualifications to properly explain it much less quantify it. Even yours truly has run into this sort of resistance both authoritatively and academically by way of the fact that the line of investigation that I have taken for this phenomenon I am not trained in. Often my investigation effort is literally stolen by others who claim it for their own on the basis of qualification and my lack thereof. Needless to say this is one case that I am not so put off by such resistance to its exposure.

The first thing that people need to understand that we grow apart from our families and friends over time as we grow and change as people as a result of the environment that we are exposed to. The things that we liked as a child may not be the same things that inspire us as adults but regardless they are still a part of our fond memories and got us to where we are in part. Measurements that take such steps to compare past preference with present preference do nothing but indicate how we've changed, not that we've become possessed or replaced. Just because we've changed does not mean that we lose touch with our principles or ideals, though there are many people that might push them to the limits.

As well, many people who've been exposed to the extremely abusive practices of such a group may be measured at times when they are seeking peace and not conflict. Hence such a victim of this ideology might choose to say what they believe the inquisitor wants to hear rather than how they really feel in order to avoid conflict. The inquisitor in this case referring to the individual trying to verify the person as being the same consciousness that occupied the body during their childhood. I shudder at the thought of the fact that people need to discuss such things. Often such an idea is probably pretty enticing if such people are looking for a way or an in to steal the creative output or the credit thereof from the victim.

The reasons for such beliefs are often the rape of the beliefs of other cultures, whose ideas regarding consciousness and existence is much different from that of others. In Japanese culture there is a strong tendency to the direction of our consciousness being the essence that contains our spirit and is the means by which we live on in others, hence their emphasis on the importance of lineage and the honouring thereof. The burden of our history of our lineage plays into this as well. Many ideologies have taken their ideas with these regards and used them for a whole range of wrongs not even close to the original philosophies surrounding their understanding of the spirit mind.

Many other cultures of the Far East as well as many of the indigenous aboriginal cultures around the world have similar understandings and interpretations of the nature of our mind and the ability to live on past death. Hence the dream catcher and other aboriginal ideas that claim to be able to act as an antennae for peering into our dreams as it is their belief that we delve into the spirit world when we do so. It is unfortunate that a group of people has used this methodology that they've developed to create a ruse to separate others from their loved ones and to discredit them even convincing others that they've been replaced.

Most of this ruse is used to create the means to steal from such an individual their creative or productive output.

I have another explanation. The victims of the ideology that I've discussed have been emotionally abused using the trickle effect. The trickle effect is harassment and abuse conducted a little bit at a time over a long time by many people. Stay well if you can.

Brian Joseph Johns
Risque Factor